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Links to Politician Websites

Democrat Icon/Donkey Republican Icon/Elephant You may find that designing your own website is an over whelming task.  Or you may already have some ideas that you would like to implement.  The Templates tab located in the menu above provides a number of templates that are have been developed to assist you in the design process.  The pricing plans represented by the Services tab located above are also developed around these templates.  One of these templates, the Congressional 1, is a live example.  You can browse this example to get an idea what a website would be like that falls under the terms of the Extended Plan.  You can click here to browse this example.  The "4Me2Win" link at the bottom of each page can be used to exit out of the example.

As an alternative to using a template, you may also choose to design your own website.  The links below will take you to some examples of websites representing politicians throughout the United States.  These links have been provided so that you can get some ideas on what you would like your website to do and look like.  If you see a feature, style, or type of content that you would like to use for your own website, simply forward us the URL (website address) with a description of your idea and we will do something similar for your website.

Most State Assembly websites use templates to represent member websites, and do not provide for variation in style, topology and features.  Links to these websites have not been included.  However, the United States House and Senate as well as the California State Assembly allow it's members to use customized websites and provide excellent examples of ideas that you may choose to use in the design of your own website.

United States Congress Links
California State Assembly Links

Official State Websites

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