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Getting Started

Party Elephant There will be plenty of time to party and celebrate after your campaign victory.  But for now, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed with the weight on your shoulders of launching a full campaign.  A campaign website will help, and we have all the tools you will need to start!

4Me2Win is a custom web page design service, with focus on a website style suited for campaign websites.  We pride ourselves on offering high quality websites at extremely competitive rates.  Getting started is really pretty easy.  First you will need a name for your website.   This is also referred to as your “domain”.  A domain name can be obtained from a number of registrars, varying in price and associated services.  Obtaining your domain name is something that you can do or if you prefer, we would be happy to assist.

We recommend “register.com” for domain name registration.  One nice thing about registering a domain name through register.com is the grace period you receive for renewing your registration.  They will notify you before your site registration expires and give you plenty of time after the expiration date to renew your registration.  This is an especially nice feature if don’t want to worry about someone stealing your site out from under you only because you didn’t renew the registration before it expired.

The Second thing you need is a web server to host your website.  This is known as a hosting service that you will contract with to serve as the home for your website.  When someone requests your domain name from their browser, your hosting server will provide the resources necessary to respond to that request.  Hosting services can widely vary between service providers, and it is important to chose the hosting service that will best meet your needs.  You should be careful to select a website design service prior to selecting a hosting service so that you can consult with your webmaster regarding hosting requirements.  More detail about this can be found under the “hosting services” button to the left.

Last but not least is the need for HTML coding that will represent the graphical images and special effects, and content of your website.  Your webmaster will work with you to develop your website design based on your underlining objectives.  This will include site topology and layout, graphics design, and other graphical effects used to portray your message.  It is important to select a webmaster who will work closely with you to develop your site and keep you involved throughout the entire design.

Here is how we can help:  we will begin with a free consultation to define your goals and objectives, functional needs, intended audience and other special requirements associated with your desired web presence.  This will allow us to identify the technical resources required to create this web presence, and develop a proposal for the cost/benefit approach that will best meets your needs.  You may also choose to have us act on your behalf in registering domain names, contract hosting services, and take care of other peripheral details associated with the implementation of your website.

During the construction of your website, we will work closely with you to identify the content plan that will best represent you.  This will include the design of your site topology and infrastructure, and the continuity of navigation aids throughout your site.  We will maintain a close working relationship with you to develop customized solutions and achieve the “look and feel” that is right for you.

Your website will be developed in a private area, an unpublished Web address known only to you.  This will allow you to see a true working prototype in its development, and quickly review updates for your approval.  If you already have a web site that is not reflecting the image you need to win your upcoming election or to represent you appropriately in office, we can give you a complete make-over, redesign the content plan and provide new functionality and features that will display your content more effectively.

If you are elected, we are also prepared to convert your site into a politician website and provide necessary support and maintenance throughout your term.

We urge you to browse the blue tabs at the upper-righthand corner of this page.  Your Internet presence can be enhanced with cascading menus, image maps, electronic forms, sound bits, steaming video clips, javascripting, Perl/UNIX CGI scripting, custom graphics by 4Me2Win or customizing graphics that you would like to provide to give your website the personal touch that will best represent you and your interests.  The “Features” tab will show some examples of what you can do to dress-up your website.  The “Services” tab will explain what we would like to do for you and how much it will cost.  The “Clients” tab will let you see what we have done for our customers.  The templates offered under the “Templates” tab is provided as a cost-cutting feature and is intended to serve as a good starting point for those who do not already have a design in mind.   Or, please visit the “links” tab to the left and browse through other political websites.  Here you can select a style that you like and use it to influence the design of your own website.  The “Free Consultation” tab will start the ball rolling!

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