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Note/Gathering of the Waters


    Twice during the world’s recorded history, according to the Bible, there has been a dramatic change in the surface of the earth due to a gigantic reduction or displacement of water. The first of these was at the time of Creation as described in the first chapter of Genesis. The other was in the days of Noah following the great Flood.

    As a sequel to these two changes, another is yet to come, one scheduled to occur in the last days when the final religious prophecies begin to be fulfilled. This third and momentous event will again diminish the seas and oceans and restore the earth to a condition that existed several thousand years ago.

    All three of these events are directly connected to a “gathering together of the waters” on a huge scale and one that is often difficult to imagine. It is easy to read about such things in scripture and say they are true, but to try to visualize what actually happened, and also how it will happen again, is another matter.

    First of all, such occurrences are associated with an almost unbelievable amount of liquid territory. One has only to recall what it was like making a surface crossing of the ocean for the first time to get a small indication of how much water is involved.

    And then to think of a large percentage of this vast area being gathered together is equally incredible. Imagining how it would take place, and accepting it as fact, requires not only an act of intellect but an exercise of faith as well.

    It is much like visualizing the parting of the Red Sea, with a wall of water on each side, and also comprehending what Joshua did when he commanded the sun and the moon to stand still. Both of these might be considered as natural phenomena in some ways, yet in comparison with everyday events and the normal course of things, they are definitely part of the supernatural.

    But that is one of the good things about being a Christian! There are so many miracles to believe in, and many more still to come. And the more unbelievable a phenomenon or event might appear sometimes, the more potential it might actually have of being true and significant. A good example, of course, was in the very beginning when God created the heaven and the earth.

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