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Welcome to my website!

        Hello, my name is Clay McConkie.  Thank you for visiting my website. Here you can learn more about some of the books I have written.  I have a passion for certain things in life, and my books have provided me an avenue to share these special interests with others.

        A few of my books are focused on a particular interest of mine: the lost 10 tribes of Israel.  The purpose of these books is not necessarily to provide a solution to the mystery of their whereabouts.  The reality pertaining to the lost tribes is that no one really knows where they are.  Some might believe they know, but it is only speculation.  What is important, and something that is historically correct, is to say that originally the ten tribes were divided into two groups, approximately one half of the people being deported by the Assyrians to various parts of their empire during the late 8th Century B.C., and the other half left in Palestine, eventually mixing with incoming colonists and disseminating throughout the nations.

        Those taken into Assyria, or very possibly only a small portion of them, are the ones who at a later time migrated further to the north.  There they made it a policy to remain apart from other nationalities and at some undetermined time removed to a remote and unidentified location.  At a place somewhere within the confines of the earth, by way of unknown laws and principles and in an area still related to the north countries, they exist today as a very exclusive and separate civilization of people, one apparently not meant to be a matter of disclosure until a later time in the earth’s history.

        Please preview some of the on-line chapters that I have provided.  If you end up reading one of my books, I would like to hear from you.  Please visit my “Contact Me” page and let me know your thoughts.


Clay McConkie
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