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Some frequently asked questions.

Looking for anwers?  This page represents questions that are answered by my books.  Unfortunately, you will have to read the books in ordedr to read the answers.  I hope you enjoy this reading.

The Gathering of the Waters
  1. What does the Book of Genesis in the Bible mean by the gathering of the waters?

  2. How did the water in the seas and oceans originally appear, assuming that the earth was a solid sphere at the time of creation?

  3. As recorded in the scripture, how many times has the water been gathered together?

  4. What is meant in Genesis and the Book of First Chronicles by the division of the earth?  In what way might this be associated with a so-called scattering and gethering of the waters?

  5. Does the earth being divided have to do with the separation of nations during ancient times, as commonly assumed, or could it refer to a variety of other things including a giant impact caused by water?

  6. How might a subject such as the lost tribes of Israel be associated with the biblical gathering of waters?

  7. How might a subject such as the lost tribes of Israel be associated with the biblical gathering of waters?

The Ten Lost Tribes
  1. Who are the twelve tribes of Israel?

  2. Which of these are the ones referred to as the lost tribes?

  3. How many among the ten tribes were conquered by the Assyrians and taken to different parts of the empire?

  4. How many remained in Palestine?

  5. What were the differnt locales and conditions of the Israelites during their captivity?

  6. How much new information is available beyond what is contained in the Bible?

  7. According to the scriptures known as the Apocrypha, some of the captives eventually banded together and traveled into the north country. What happened to them when they arrived there?

  8. Where might the so-called lost tribes presently be located, and where and when will they return?

In Ephraim's Footsteps
  1. What is menat by the House of Israel?

  2. Why has it been suggested that there is not just one house but three?

  3. When did the first of these alleged houses begin?

  4. What about the other two?

  5. What are the main events and circumstances in an account of the House of Israel?

  6. In what ways is the man known as Ephraim important in such an account?

  7. To what extent is he still a factor in the latter days?

In His Father's Image
  1. Who is Jehovah?

  2. What is his specific relationship with God the Father?

  3. Why is Jehovah referred to the firsborn in scripture?

  4. Before Jehovah's so-called first birth, where and in what condition did he exist previously?

  5. What does existence in the intelligence state consist of?

  6. What are the conditions in spirit life that follows?

  7. How does the progression of Jehovah from intelligence to eventual death and immortality exemplify and typify the progression of every human being?

  8. What are some of the important aspects of the father and son relationship between God and Jehovah?

A Man Named Peleg
  1. In the Bible who was Peleg, and what did he have to do with the so-calloed division of the earth?

  2. What does it mean in scripture when it says the earth was divided?

  3. How does the Tower of Babel relate to Peleg and the division of the earth

  4. Nimrod is possibly the one who commenced the Tower.  If so, what could have been his motives, other than the reasons given in the Bible?

  5. Could it be true that Nimrod expected a second flood?

  6. In what way is the man named Peleg an important factor in connection with the division of the earth?

600 B.C., Departure of Lehi
  1. Why is the date 600 B.C. considered to be a pivotal date and landmark in history?

  2. In what way was the departure of Lehi from Jerusalem, as described in the Book of Mormon, particularly a significant period of time?

  3. What were some of the important events and circumstances in surrounding nations at this point in history?

  4. Who were the important figures and heads of state during the time of 600 B.C.?

  5. How did Egypt expecially become a participant in Palestinian and Middle Eastern affairs?

  6. By what reason does someone like Lehi the prophet become an important figure symbolically?

  7. How does the idea of him also being a merchant have significant implications during this period of time?

The Final Countdown
  1. What are the main events immediately preceding the Second Coming of Christ?

  2. How accurate and important are the events pertaining to the seven seals in the Book of Revelation in the Bible?

  3. In the same book, what is meant by a one half hour of silence in heaven?

  4. What are the circumstances concerning the return of the lost tribes of Israel?

  5. In what ways will the Battle of Armageddon figure importantly during the last days?

  6. To what extent will massive earthquakes contribute to a transformation of earth's surface?

  7. What does it mean when the scripture says the oceans and seas will someday be driven back into the nort countries?

  8. What is the interpretation of the scripture referring to the curtain of heaven being raised and unfolded?

  9. In what way is the number of seven important in the Bible.

One Flesh
  1. Why are sexual relations important to the success of a marriage?

  2. What does the Bible have to say about this kind of relationship?

  3. Given there are so many separations and divorces today, how does difficulty in sexual relations rank among the different reasons?

  4. How important is a honeymoon in a marriage, including the idea that shoud be perpetuated?

  5. What relationship is there betweeen sexuality and spirituality?

  6. How much does chastity and fidelity in marriage depend upon normal sexual relations?

  7. What are the main things a couple can do to achieve a compatible sexual relationship?

  8. Does God disapprove of people who fail to develop the social skills relating to marital sexuality?

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